Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Weekend

I spent some time on Friday with two cats (Gracie-cat and Ruby-cat) and neither of them went in any sinks, although Ruby quite ardously investigated the toilet. I think that they have found out about my project and, in true cat like fashion, are trying to throw me off the scent of their sink sitting activities. Thus, not only do cats sit in sinks for reasons that we do not understand, they do not want us to understand. This could be a very significant discovery.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jack's kitten Ruby ( enjoys sitting in the sink, and strangely enough SHE ENJOYS THE WATER. I asked if she was one of those waterproof swimming cats or like secretly part Maine Coon, but apparently not. She just likes to frolic in the water of the sink, and sometimes attack it, but if the water pressure is too hard she gets scared and runs away. There is a balance to these things, people. A sacred balance.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Mother's Memory of a Cat in a Sink

"He [Livingston] used to love sitting in the sink. He'd just hang out there all day, and he obviously didn't want the water running, but if he was sitting there and it was dripping, he'd stick out his tongue and drink. None of the other cats seemed interested in it, but Livingston couldn't get enough." - 9/5/06
I just got out of the bath and I was freezing. That sort of early fall oh shit someone left the bathroom window open and I am SHAKING post bathing freezing, and it led me to wonder - when a cat leaves a sink (an action that I do not, by the way, accept as inevitable) does it feel cold and shivery? Or does it only think about obtaining the next dose of delicious fancy feast?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cats in Sinks: My Personal Beginnings

So far every single site that I have found about cats in sinks has been a photographic journey or celebration thereof. No one really goes into why. My parents, before I was born, had four cats living with them - J.D., Weasel, Tonya and Livingston (it's weird that I know about my parents' pet history, but they were important) - who were all later killed by an evil attack dog that moved into the neighborhood (Tonya made it the longest because she was batshit crazy and rarely moved from a cluster of rocks that she had declared her home). When they were alive and well, however, there was nothing that Livingston apparently loved more than sitting in a sink and listening to classical music, much like myself (sink = bath, classical = just whatever). He did not mind the occaisional drip of water that was the natural side effect of sitting in a sink, he took it philosophically and knew that there was a price to his porcelain perch. I did not know Livingston personally, but through reputation I learned at a young of age of cats with penchants for sinks. That was my introduction. Cats have been in sinks since before I was born or even conceived! They have been doing this for a long time, and we just keep on looking at it and not ever thinking about it. I've been hearing about cats in sinks ever since I can remember, after all.
Don't get me wrong. I have theories. Coolness of porcelain on a warm day, the perfect fit of a fluffball in a sinkbowl, or an innate feline desire to confuse me. I will get into these further. But next time you see a cat in a sink, let it know that the game is up. We will find out.
Ok. First easy answer. But that's just the visual evidence. Any fool with a camera and a Persian can capture that sort of moment. But what of it? Why cats? Why sinks? Why now? There's a lot more work to be done.

Cats, In Sinks.

I saw this picture today - - and it made me think about things. There are a lot of blogs on the internet, about almost everything imaginable. There are about a million and one about girls who think they're Carrie Bradshaw and that anyone cares about their witty take on their sex life, or people who have opinions about politics, but I haven't ever seen a single person, a single Xanga post, or even a paltry Livejournal comment addressing the topic of cats in sinks. Now, to be fair, I haven't bothered to do so much as Google the subject, but it remains. No cats. No sinks. I think it's long past time we, as a people, stood together to deal with this issue.